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"I was channel surfing and came across channel 56 and saw a group of people doing some exercising which looked really exciting and I would love more information on it!"

"Ms. Williams conducted a workshop on personal hygiene for my entire staff. She quickly relaxed the staff early by demystifying this very sensitive issue and took my staff on a fun journey to understand the various causes and solutions to improve personal hygiene. She was professional, conversational and at the end of the session had everyone laughing but full of knowledge to educate their clients as well as use lessons learned personally. My staff has asked me to invite her back as soon as possible to discuss other clinical and administrative issues that support staff development." 

- Mario Drummonds, CEO Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership, Inc. 

"Thank you soooooooooo much for posting your equine experience in Arizona on Shaft and mentioning my bio. I sent it out to my contact list and received an over flowing number of positive responses. It even drummed up some business! Two youth groups want me to conduct a basic riding clinic. And check this out…one friend who is trying to reconnect with her daughter, wants me to teach both of them to ride so they can do something together. Oh, you talk about making your heart feel good!  Take care and keep doing what you do."

- Brian Barham, Your Equine Instructor and Shaft’s Dad

"Cathleen Williams is an extraordinary individual. She possesses wisdom, insight, compassion and love. Her influence on my life has been tremendous. Not only did she help me overcome obstacles in my life but she helped me discover what I value and who I truly am. If you are truly looking for a powerful word in your life, Cathleen is a person you want to know."

- William Murray, Entrepreneur


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