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Les Brown. Motivational Speaker

"This book is brilliant. Cathleen is helping single mothers create a new reality for themselves and their sons by showing them what's possible. She shares with women everywhere tried and proven methods that will enable them to raise positive young men in a negative world. This book can save generations of young men from discouragement and despair, keeping them out of lock up and on to the game of life. Single Mother the New Father the series is a must read for single mothers raising any child. More importantly it tells us, the fathers just how much the mothers of our children must bear alone. It tells us in black and white how deeply our sons and daughters need us and how much we, the fathers miss out on if we turn our backs and walk away from our families."

Chris Broussard, Senior Writer, ESPN The Magazine

"Cathleen Williams has written a wonderful guide for single mothers with sons involved in sports. Recognizing that sports is front and center in the lives of many young men, she realizes that for a mother to adequately meet the emotional needs of her son, she must be actively engaged and involved in his athletic endeavors. Such involvement develops a close bond of love and trust between mother and son that enables the mom to successfully teach her son that while sports is significant, schoolwork must always be priority No. 1. Following Ms. Williams' advice would be one of the greatest things a mother could do - for herself and for her son."

Troy Robert Bowers, New York Knicks Community Relations and Field Marketing Specialist, Motivational Speaker, Mentor

"Cathleen Williams shares her invaluable insight and personal experiences with readers that will greatly assist single mothers in raising their sons to become men first; and athletes second. Her book will help single mothers develop and navigate through the journey of amateur sports. Through her words and firsthand encounters, Williams provides endless encouragement and direction; a must read for all single mothers raising sons."

Cassandra Mack, MSW CEO Strategies for Empowered Living, author of "The Single Mom's Little Book of Wisdom."

"Single Mother The New Father: Volume 1 Sports, The Mother's Playing Field is packed with wisdom, wit and insight from a mother who has navigated the world of amateur sports and raised a successful son in the process. If you are seeking tools to help your son or daughter learn essential life skills like: team work, self-discipline, confidence building and focus, this book will show you how to utilize sports to position your children to be prepared to compete in today's world. As the mother of a five year old boy, this is one tool that I will keep at my disposal to assist me with my son. Read it and learn how to utilize sports to equip your son with tools for success."

Jody Ann Buckle, RN, MA, Nurse Practitioner

"I work with single mothers who are raising young men and women, and this book is an absolute must for our community. If I could, I would put one in the hands of every single mother that I know. Thank you Ms. Williams!"

B. Barham, Equestrian, Riding Instructor, Father

"As a former little league and soccer coach, I witnessed single mothers bringing their kids out to the park and dropping them off until the end of practice. I always insisted that they stay and get involved. Cathleen is right on point. What she says to single mothers is something that should have been said long ago. I taught moms the ins and outs of baseball, and once they learned it they loved it. We had fun. If your son’s coach is not engaging you in the sport, engage yourself, or find another coach. I love the fact that she tells single moms the hard-core simple truths like not dating the coach. She’s right. I dated a single mom or two when I was coaching. I never let the kids know which mom I was dating, even the child of the mother I was dating didn’t know. Telling the single mom not to date the coach is not what I would have said at the time, but looking back when I was dating a single mom or two, and while we never let the kids know, I would agree it is probably best…don’t date the coach."

Bill Bartman, Financial Expert and Author Billionaire Secrets of Success

"Single Mother the New Father is a work that is no nonsense, and no frills. Cathleen is willing to share her truths in this series in such a way that provides single mothers with straightforward, easy to follow concepts and advice that can change their lives forever. It is a book whose time is now."

Malik Carey, Poet, Motivational Speaker, and Mentor

"Cathleen Williams has penned a must-read book for every woman raising a young man alone. Sharing insights gleaned from personal experience, she gives valuable advice - as well as a helpful list of do's and don'ts - on how to navigate through youth and high school sports. Williams also provides excellent and necessary tools every mother, grandmother and aunt can use in molding and developing a boy's confidence in sports, and more importantly, in life."

Mike Jones, Founder and President Discover LeadershipTraining, Author, Motivational Speaker

"Cathleen offers an incredible gift to single moms in this book. My mother also saw the importance of this beautiful lesson as she kept my brothers and I involved in football, the church band, track and baseball. These activities kept us mentally, spiritually and physically involved year round. Reading Cathleen's book reminded me so much of how involved my mom, (who was also a single parent) was in keeping me involved and the many life lessons that came from this involvement."

Jason Murray, President & CEO, Murray Abundant Network, LLC

"Cathleen is an exciting speaker, producer, and well rounded individual who creates energy in the room whenever she is presenting. Her workshops have such an impact because she brings to life real issues, not only for herself, but for her attendees as well. I can relate to Cathleen's message because I was raised by a single African American female and my brother and I have reached a level of success in life directly as a result of the foundation our mother provided us with. Cathleen's message is needed in our community because our sisters have struggled and at the same time, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!"

Kenneth Braswell Author When the Tear Won't Fall & Gentle Warriors

"When I first heard the title, ‘Single Mother The New Father,’ I said to myself, here's another one of those books. After reading it, I found myself relating to an experience between a son and his mother; absent the full engagement of his father, a relationship that mirrored the one with my mom. The book is a refreshingly honest book about the struggle of raising males without the assistance of a full-time and active father. Although some may disagree with the notion of "The New Father," one can't deny or argue the difficult realities that single mothers face raising children. Thank you, Cathleen, for having the courage for telling this personal, yet all too common experience."

Shandel Pitts Mom and CEO, Black Cat Designs

"I have never read anything quite like this book; no one has ever presented information for women quite this way. I am very happy that mothers now have access to what they really need to know about putting their children in sports. I'm married raising two sons, and the information in this book, especially about searching for scholarships, was very valuable to me. This is a critical read for mothers single or not!"

Michael Potter, Nationally Recognized Attorney and Author

"Cathleen’s insight is first-rate. She has taken a viewpoint that some can only whisper about; a powerful and masterfully delivered perspective."

Michael Walton, World Class Track & Field Athlete, Founder of the Michael Walton Foundation

"I speak to thousands of at-risk children and teens about sports, encouraging them to choose the right path in life and believe in themselves. Working with these children, I remember just how much sports helped me when I was growing up. Single Mother The New Father: The Mother’s Playing Field is the only book of its kind to provide single mothers with tips, suggestions, recommendations and a real life look at what goes on in children’s sports from a mother’s perspective. You will learn a great deal about your son, about sports, and how to use sports to build an incredible relationship with your son in the process! For every mother with a son in sports, this book is a must read."

Henry Williams, Real Estate Advisor

"This book proves to men that they are needed. Thank you Cathleen. No one has ever laid this experience out so that men understand exactly what is going on from a woman's perspective. Maybe more men will get more involved with their children, especially their boys after reading this book."

Glenda Perreira

"No one else is talking about this stuff, it is about time someone told single mothers what they really need to know about putting their kids in sports. This is a critical read for mothers single or not!"


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