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Did you know that there are ten million single mothers in the United States alone?

One of the main problems that single mothers have is finding male role models for their children.

Women are raising children, their teachers are more than likely to be women, and many children have little or no interaction with their fathers. Children raised by single mothers have a higher risk of being involved in violence, gangs, criminal activity, are less likely to graduate from high school… and the list goes on and on.

How are boys supposed to learn what it means to be a man? Women, men, psychologists and organizations around the country are trying to answer this question.

As a single mother who has struggled with these issues; I found an unlimited source of free, interested, and committed male role models readily available to single mothers every day.

These men are in sports. Male role models are on the tennis court, the basketball court, the baseball diamond, the golf course, and the football field. They are in sports! Tell single mothers to put their children in sports. Seems like a simple solution right? Well, it is much more complicated than that.

Simply playing a sport does not ensure that your child will find a great male role model and learn the life lessons sports can teach: confidence, discipline, and determination, to name just a few. Unless single mothers learn to speak the language of sports and effectively navigate this male dominated arena, our children will lose out on one of the best-kept secrets available to them: positive male role models and lessons that will make them successful in school, business, relationships, and life. While raising my son these secrets were revealed to me, and by reading this book, you will take the ball into your own hands, and level the playing field for single mothers who are doing it all.

So children today will not be single parents tomorrow.

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