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Protecting the privacy of you, visitors of the www.imjustsayingtv.com site is our top priority. We have designed a comprehensive privacy policy that ensures your personally identifiable information to be the private property of yourself and I知 Just Saying. In the event we decide to change this privacy policy at any time the user or visitor of the site is responsible for noting the changes, as the "privacy policy" is always attainable from our web site.

1.  During the registration process with I知 Just Saying, we ask for contact information such as an e-mail address and name. This initial contact information can be used by I知 Just Saying to send you information regarding our organization and site. In addition, we also may send information to you from our affiliates in order to serve you better. Any communication between these affiliates and you will be routed through I知 Just Saying, so as to ensure your privacy.

2.  Some of the services provided by I知 Just Saying for your benefit are offered through a prior agreement with an affiliate. In order for I知 Just Saying to provide you with these affiliate services, it is sometimes necessary for I知 Just Saying to share your personal information with the affiliates. To uphold a stringent privacy policy, affiliates of I知 Just Saying have agreed to only use this information for providing their specific service through I知 Just Saying and that this information cannot be used for any other purpose without your express consent. This ensures that you will be continually covered by the I知 Just Saying privacy policy.

3.  I知 Just Saying contains links to a variety of providers who offer e-commerce, services, and content. Some of these links might be in "frames," meaning that I知 Just Saying's navigation may be visible as you move throughout the linked site. I知 Just Saying may or may not have a formal relationship with the linked site. In the event that I知 Just Saying does have a formal relationship with that linked site, you will still be covered under the I知 Just Saying privacy policy. If I知 Just Saying does not have a formal relationship with the linked site, you will know that you have left I知 Just Saying when the words "Return to I知 Just Saying" appear in the I知 Just Saying "frame". If such a frame appears, please understand that you are no longer under the privacy policy of I知 Just Saying. You should review the linked site's own privacy policy before you give out any personal information, such as an email address, credit card number, name, etc.

4.  Your profile information (including any demographic information you provide, such as zip code and work information) may be used to create personalized content, marketing, and services. I知 Just Saying will use this information so that we can deliver personalized information based on your location and interests. Furthermore, I知 Just Saying may provide affiliates with non-personally identifiable profile information to generate general reports and market research. I知 Just Saying does not include personally identifiable information about you or about your online usage. However, there may be occasions where I知 Just Saying will ask for your permission to share particular information with a third party. I知 Just Saying reserves the right, without disclosing your personally identifiable information, to use your information in order to offer you third party services we think might interest you or to generate data so that we may learn more about how to help women needing financial assistance. However, we will not provide this service or information if you notify us that you are not interested.

5.  In certain cases, I知 Just Saying will send your browser a "cookie," a small data file that is stored in your hard drive, to help us provide you with content specific to your interests. Basically, cookies are used to enhance your experience at I知 Just Saying by giving you more personalized and appropriate service once you have registered. I知 Just Saying uses cookies so that you do not have to reenter your password every time you go to a new page. I知 Just Saying, however, does not and cannot use cookies to retrieve personal information from your computer. Cookies are a common practice at most well-known and respected web sites in order to make your visit easier. 

6.  If you contribute online to I知 Just Saying the information obtained during your visit to our site, as well as information you gave out, is provided to our merchant partners. This is to enable the transaction to take place and for the contribution to be deposited into the fund. These merchants by contract cannot use this information for another purpose without your express permission. 

7.  There may be times when I知 Just Saying will use content that you post in chat rooms, discussions, message boards, and any other public section, for promotional purposes, email newsletters, or elsewhere, and by using any public area on I知 Just Saying you agree that we may do so. Information disclosed in these areas, such as chat rooms, message boards and news groups, is public information. Therefore, you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose information, especially personal information, in these areas. 

8.  Our privacy policy does not apply in instances where you engage in improper and/or illegal activity. I知 Just Saying may disclose user information when we have reason to believe that a person is using I知 Just Saying in any fraudulent manner, or if we believe the user is violating any federal or state law or regulation. 

9.  By using any I知 Just Saying site, you consent to the collection and use of information in the manner explained above. I知 Just Saying reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time without notice. If I知 Just Saying decides to change this privacy policy, it is your responsibility to check and make note of any changes so that you are aware of what information we collect and under what circumstances we may disclose it. 

10.  I知 Just Saying is committed to the safety of children. If children under 18 years of age elect to use our services, they should ask a parent or guardian for permission before sending any information to the site, or to anyone online. I知 Just Saying will not request or knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from a child. No information collected from guests under 18 years of age is used for any marketing or promotional purposes whatsoever, either inside or outside I知 Just Saying. We do not allow guests under 18 years of age to receive direct marketing communications from I知 Just Saying.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the privacy policy of I知 Just Saying, please contact us.


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