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Heart Disease, Hypertension and Diabetes in the Black Community

African Americans disproportionately suffer from these and other life threatening diseases. Tune in to see why and what can be done to turn the statistics around.

From Boys to Successful Black Men

It is rumored that the destruction of black families is partly the cause of the problems facing black men in America. We will hear from young black men discussing what it means, how to do it, and what it takes to raise successful young black men.

Make Me Over! 

Dr. Doreen Sweeting, MD will demonstrate and discuss how being healthy inside is a critical element for being beautiful outside.

Planning the Perfect Wedding 

Tips to Planning the perfect wedding for bride and groom.

Whatís up With Your Dogs?

Bunions, corns, odor, and plain old crusty feet.  Cathleenís foot surgery live and in living color. Come into the operating room and see what it takes to live footloose and fancy free.

Get Thee Behind Me Bad Credit!

Crush the Credit Demon before it raises its ugly head.  Protect yourself and your kids from the credit crazy world before they are old enough to carry a wallet.

Breaking Thru the Glass Ceiling

Dr. Rodney Armstead, CEO of a major health plan shares what it takes to make it and how to stay there and among many other important topics facing black America today. Donít miss this opportunity to get close and personal with this brilliant man as he discusses what is necessary to have in your arsenal as a major player in corporate America.

Who Told You it was OK to Wear That?

Everyday we see folks with some crazy outfits on.

Whoís Minding Your Health?

A discussion about what you can do today to lengthen your life, no matter your age. There are things you can go nutritionally, physically and mentally.

Getting Old is Getting Old

What it takes to stay youthful while you age beautifully.

Smart, Sassy, Sexy and Destined to Be Single?

Are Intelligent, Accomplished Beautiful Black Women Too Intimidating to Date?

Rap music.  The Great Generational Divide.

A discussion about rap music by artists who want to de-mystify this art form to the baby boomers who often degrade its artistic value.

The Richness of New York, Yesterday and Today

Do you remember when Madison Square Garden was in Madison Park on 23rd Street? Do you know when the Knicks last won the NBA championship? Have you visited the JP Morgan Mansion?  Hear about your city, all its richness and learn how to take advantage of it at little or no cost.

The Regentrification of Central Park

A look at Central Park from its inception as a cultural center and hangout for people of color to organization it is today.


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